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Sub-Project 2. Alternatives to dehorning

  1. State of the art of dehorning in the EU member states.
  • To estimate how many cattle are dehorned or not, and how dehorning is practiced across the European Union.
  • To analyse farmers’ attitudes towards dehorning practices vs. horned animals.
  1. Assessment of benefits and drawbacks of dehorning and alternatives to dehorning in dairy and beef cattle.
  • To summarise possible effects of dehorning on the development of the animals.
  • To assess the pros and cons of current alternatives to dehorning: keeping fully horned animals and producing polled animals.
  1. Short and long term strategies for future development.
  • To find solutions to overcome actual problems or limits to alternatives to dehorning.
  • To check acceptability of alternatives to dehorning by stakeholders.
  • To formulate final recommendations on alternatives to dehorning.

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