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Sub-Project 1. Alternatives to castration

Alternatives to surgical castration.
  • To investigate husbandry and management conditions enabling reduced incidence of boar taint and improved animal welfare and health status.
  • • To investigate the distribution of key genes regulating boar taint related compounds in various entire male pig breeds and populations.
  • To investigate carcass and meat quality characteristics other than boar taint.
  1. Methods to detect boar taint at the slaughter line.
  • To develop rapid detection systems for on-line sorting of boar tainted carcasses to be used in abattoirs.
  • To harmonise existing standard analysis of androstenone, skatole and indole.
  • To develop a programme establishing a European harmonised method to detect boar taint at the slaughter line under commercial conditions.
  • To develop a program for commercialization of new developed at line detection systems.
  1. Demand and acceptance of consumers.
  • Harmonization of consumer research.
  • Analysis demand and acceptance of consumers.
  1. Integration of knowledge by economic modelling.
  • To estimate the financial costs and benefits in the entire pig meat chain for raising entire male pigs in different EU Member States

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